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Murree to get District status for better management
Mon, Jan 10, 2022

Following the unfortunate incidents in Murree of the past weekend, the Punjab government has announced to separate the hill station of Murree from Rawalpindi Division and make it a separate district. The decision is taken in the wake of tragedy and in order to better administer the region and to prevent any such mishap from happening again in future.

The government has also ordered the construction of two parking plazas at different spots to deal with the heavy traffic influx in the town. Two new police stations have also been set up on an emergency basis. The Chief Minister has also formed a committee to probe the matter of tourists’ deaths, who got stuck in the sandstorm in Murree on Friday night.

Police and aligning authorities also declared to successfully evacuate the stranded tourists from the snowstorm and now left the abandoned cars on the sides of roads to enable machinery to clear the snow.

Most of the area was covered with heavy snow, but the rescue operation was conducted at a bigger scale. Therefore, a significant part of Kuldana – Barian Road is cleared of snow now. And the reason for the traffic blockage on the main roads was the tress that fell during the snowstorm.