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CDA Striving to Restore Centuries-old Banyan Tree
Thu, Apr 01, 2021

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started efforts to restore centuries-old banyan tree in sector E-7. This tree has historic significance for both local and foreign tourists.

It is revealed that the environment wing of CDA has come up with a plan to restore not just banyan tree but all old trees in the capital. This drive is part of a bigger project to preserve and protect the natural green environment of the city.

It is to note that the civic agency has spent PKR20 million to preserve and develop 2,400-year-old ‘Sadhu Bagh’ and other centuries old trees including 32 date palm trees, 126 ‘Kau’ trees, 86 ‘phulai’, 176 ‘banyan’, 54 ‘mangoes’, 12 ‘peepul’, 57 ‘badh’ and 135 trees of other species in the federal capital.

All the preservation work is being done in line with the recommendations of a nine-member committee.