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Apostrohpe' Architecture Studion

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M. Sayem Ghayur






401, 40-C, Rahat Commercial Lane No. 3, Khayaban-e-Rahat, Near DA Degree College, DHA 6

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apostrophe’ is an architectural design studio based in Karachi Pakistan. The firm was established in 2001 with the primary aim of producing innovative design through collaborative endeavors with professionals in the field of art and architecture. Today, because of our flexible approach, we have a diverse and exciting portfolio including urban development, institutional, corporate, commercial and residential projects.

Our collaborative ventures have enabled us to form strong working relationships with other design and construction companies. Our extensive support network helps us to take on projects of a very expansive nature, while ensuring a central design philosophy.

Our Philosophy
apostrophe’ aims to create contemporary working and living environments based on strong conceptual design. Our academic background gives us a conceptual edge over our peers.

Our design sense is predominantly Post-Modern, weaving vernacular features and cultural sensitivities into Modern formal compositions.
Our spaces are visually light and use color and lighting to highlight surfaces. Neutral areas are contrasted with spots of bold color, while smooth industrial surfaces are juxtaposed with natural materials and textures.

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