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Ali Bukhari






97-B, Bridge Colony, Lahore Cantt

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The Design Center is an architectural design firm operating in Lahore, Dealing with design consultancy in various residential, commercial. public projects of varying magnitude in the vicinity. Ali Bokhari is the principal architect and founder of the company.

Ali Bokhari hails from the historical city of Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan, in the Subcontinent in South Asia, Has travelled to 15 countries primarily due to his father’s international commitments, who is a much respected executive banker. Ali has two brothers; Abbas is a corporate banker in UAE, married with a lovely son Suleman. Aun Bokhari is completing his education in Pakistan. Ali since childhood had always been different, a very gentle cooperative and friendly attitude, knows how to put his word across, has been a debater and won Laurels for his institution. Leads by example; was always very observant of the whereabouts and accept challenges against all odds. Joined NCA (National College of Arts) to complete his degree in architecture, was always a punctual hardworking student, started his professional carrier earlier than his classmates, When he was in second year he worked throughout his time in college ,may it be documenting the historical buildings in the walled city of Lahore(4th year) ,or making presentations in the offices he worked for throughout his college days .His repute landed him his first jobs as teaching assistant the very first day he graduated. After sharing his fresh experience with students moved on to join Kalim Siddique & Associates, a renowned Architectural firm, based in Lahore, to gain professional experience. Hiring was instantaneous. After 1 ½ year  of service to the firm , being hired as a junior architect left the company as project architect to fulfill the dream of Design Center in April 2007.

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