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Aquagreen Pakistan Private Limited

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Syed Shabbar Raza Shamsi






Office No. B2-2, Building No. 5-C, Main Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA, Phase 2

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Aquagreen Pakistan is an internationally renowned Landscape Architecture company that specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, landscaping, horticulture and floriculture to extend conventional notions of landscaping and provide meaning to the environment.

Established in 1998, the Karachi based company offers comprehensive landscape, urban design, master planning services to civic, institutional, commercial and residential clients.

We consider landscape and architecture as two modes of the same visual and spatial continuum, working with displacements within a rational order; we introduce metaphorical themes and the layering of history in order to create resonant spaces. The design of each place involves from its cultural and physical environment and is informed by geography, ecology and history. The input and desires of the clients are our primary concern.

Technical expertise and aesthetic sensitivity are complemented by an interest in the symbolic nature of the built environment and the commitment to create landscapes that fulfill the need of the clients.

Our Services:
1/- LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Established by a landscape architect, Aquagreen has always been especially dedicated to providing the highest caliber of landscape design. When the firm was started in 1981, the general trend in the landscape architecture profession was to separate firms that offered landscape architecture services from organizations that offered landscape construction and grounds management services.

Clients that utilize the design services of Aquagreen include:

  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Property Managers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Commercial/Industrial Property Owners
  • Municipal Governments

Aquagreen can help clients with the following categories:

  • Site Selection
  • Site Planning
  • Site Master Plans
  • Amenity Design
  • Hardscape Design
  • Planting Plans

Because Aquagreen is a design and build firm, our designers are part of the construction team. While our designers are competent with the pencil as well as the computer, our designers also use paint, levels, and other site tools to constantly refine a design.

2/- GROUNDS & GARDENS: A well maintained landscape promotes a positive image by providing an environment that is desirable for living and working. For today’s landscapes to remain successful, advanced grounds management is imperative.

At Aquagreen, we work to help our clients receive the maximum value from their landscape maintenance budgets. We develop a custom annual maintenance program for each property, ensuring that our client's priorities are being addressed in the appropriate manner. The first step in developing such a program involves analyzing the landscape and asking two simple questions:

  1. Where can maintenance rupees be saved?
  2. Where can these maintenance rupees be spent most effectively?

With our staff of design and construction experts, we provide solutions that respond to the changes a landscape requires. In addition to the annual maintenance program, Aquagreen provides a longer range view of how the maturing landscape will affect future maintenance requirements.

3/- LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION: For over twenty five years, Aquagreen has been building and installing high quality residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes. Large or small, hard-scapes or soft-scapes, water features or fencing, Aquagreen makes your landscape project the best it can be.

4/- WATER FEATURES: Water is often the central focus of the landscape. Whether it is a waterfall for a home owner, the pool of a resort, the water ways of golf course, the fountain of a urban plaza, or the pond at a botanical garden: The water feature must be designed and constructed correctly.

5/- POOLS: A swimming pool is always a "cool" element in any backyard or amenity area. Over the years the designers at Aquagreen have worked to make sure their clients have the "coolest" pools.

The theory at Aquagreen is that your pool should not look like it was dropped out of the sky. It should be an element in the total outdoor living space. Just having a kidney shape pool with a 6' ring of concrete around it is not enough for our clients. Often making a shape dynamic does not cost much more than making it bland.

While we are very familiar with the lagoon type pool, we are also fluent with modern and classical styles.

At Aquagreen, we believe that our clients are unique and extremely important. Our highest priority is to make sure everyone on our team works to keep these existing relationships strong.

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