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Firm History

It is an unbelievable but a fact that it took "AASAF" over twenty years to appear on the scene. By training and profession The Chief Designer had to be an Eye Surgeon because his parents wanted so. However, he had discovered at a much earlier stage the God gifted flair for things appealing to one’s aesthetics. This forced him to draw, paint etc. while conducting his studies. After attaining independence in life it granted him freedom of choice and act. This was matched by increasing urge to do something more true his artistic inclination and nature. As one can not lay claim to a professional pursuits without obtaining a formal degree therefore, he took sabbatical from his profession and business to enlist in the Professional Diploma in Interior Design in The National College of Arts Lahore. This provided a great impetus to those latent potentials and in the process assisting him to articulate his approach and treatment of the subject. The result was surprising in the sense that he graduated with flying colors with Honors along with a Certificate and a Diploma in Garden and Landscaping from Netherlands too. Recognizing the bona – fides relatives, acquaintances, both friends and foes started approaching him for interior designing, garden layout and other such projects. The reason for it being restricted to this circle was that he never started practicing this as a business venture. A turning point came when his wife assumed the responsibility of running the hospital Ramzan Ali Syed Memorial Hospital 21 Temple Road Lahore which started off in the early fifties by his late father Professor Dr. Ramzan Ali Syed then as Ali Hospital a thriving hospital now. This afforded him an opportunity to further hone his ability and capacity by joining renowned Architect’s as Interior Designer and Landscape Developer. Years of association equipped him enough know how and skills to gain confidence that this profession can be pursued independently and on his own. This is how AASAF came into being. For years AASAF has been providing a full range of architectural services for clients across the Country, and even abroad its staff and professionals are experts in roofing and masonry consulting services and provide extensive investigations into system failures. Recommendations are prepared for clients based upon the best possible solution for each individual structure. Helping clients maintain their properties in good condition is a major concern to the firm. The majority of our projects are analytically handled, research based and thematic. May it be interiors of healthcare facilities for both public and private institutions; or landscape of Farmhouses to a Personalized Dwelling, gardens located in commercial organizations, factories, Shrines to Hospitals etc. From however, our experience also extends to office buildings, restaurants, educational institutions, departmental stores and custom homes. Etc. We provide design services in support of our projects worldwide.

Award-winning Design

We have received numerous awards for our building and Landscape Design projects in garden competitions for the annual spring flower and rose shows for The Horticultural Society of Pakistan, for gardens located in Hospitals to gardens situated in personalized dwellings.  

Staff Experience

Within the technical constraints of a research environment, an experienced design team is vital to the successful integration of a design's many goals.  Leading AASAF design efforts is a group of veteran designers with long-term ties to service.  Over the years we have developed, tested and refined procedures which help us track information, schedules and critical path items so that costly mistakes or problems can be avoided.  We leverage this experience by having them pass along their knowledge first hand.  Project evaluations, site visits and post-occupancy user evaluations also assist us in our efforts to continually produce improved designs for the fast changing research industry.

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