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DHA City Office at DHA Lahore EME Sector, Multan Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore Pakistan.
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DHA City Office at DHA Lahore EME Sector, Multan Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore Pakistan.
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DHA City

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DHA City Lahore

About the Development

Pakistan Army intends to provide plots to Shuhda's families, soldiers and junior commissioned & non-commissioned officers, on subsidized prices. For this purpose, DHA City has been planned at Lahore. In order to make this high-priority welfare endeavor financially do-able, DHA City will include sectors for all citizens of Pakistan.

The project is conceived as a self-contained world class township comprising high quality state-of-the-art infrastructure and contemporary amenities for education, health-care, entertainment, institutional and cultural needs. Products in the project will cover full canvas from small plots/houses for the lower income brackets to sophisticated communities for high-end consumers. On completion, the project will be administrated, supervised and maintained in the enviable disciplined traditions of DHA.
In line with the traditions of DHA, DHA City Lahore has been planned to be an exquisite piece of land spanning over thousands of kanals, and endowed with ultramodern town planning, superb living facilities, recreational openings, lush green public parks, elite educational institutions, lavish shopping malls and eventually the most ornate surroundings fortified by state-of-the-art infrastructure for the esteemed residents.

Development Facilities

Salient Features

The following features will be the hallmark of DHA City.

  •   Interchanges from all main roads to its wide main boulevard
  •   Expressways and flyovers
  •   Recreational and amusement facilities.
  •   Health care institutions.
  •   Elementary primary, college and university education.
  •   Business and trade centre.
  •   High end as well as affordable prices and products.
  •   Serene parks, play areas and sporting facilities
  •   Commercial complexes on most modern lines
  •   Underground electrification with special vermin proof wiring in   
  • selected sectors.
  •   WHO standard water supply
  •   HFC (Hybrid Fibre Optic Cable) at elementary and primary level
  •   24 hr security and GIS monitoring


  • Community Living
  • Educational Facilities
  • Parks & Play Areas
  • Shopping & Entertainment
  • Roads & Infrastructure
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Environment & Horticulture
  • Safety & Security


Community Living
These days, one of the biggest considerations any potential homebuyer faces is location. The careful, sensitive and disciplined master-planning of DHA City, takes into consideration all such factors to bring long-lasting benefits and satisfaction to the residents. It is a well-planned community which creates a complete residential experience providing a variety of housing choices and meeting residents' needs for recreation, sports and open spaces
Educational Facilities
DHA Lahore lays special emphasis on excellence in its educational provisions and facilities through elite schools, colleges, libraries and universities within its boundaries, in unison with its modern living facilities. All these ensure an environment conducive for upbringing aware and competitive individuals for a shinning tomorrow.
Parks & Play Areas
The vast variety of verdant parks that are planned for DHA City will feature wonderful professionally prepared jogging tracks and tennis courts for adults, with swing areas for kids. Places where the whole family can come to bring some freshness and solace into their otherwise fast-paced lives. A special security system outside each park makes it extremely reliable for the parents with children to visit daily. These playing arenas also serve as spots where families can unite and share cherished moments
Shopping & Entertainment
Revel in the freedom to shop and marvel at the heart-throb variety provided by the ultra modern shopping malls. DHA City will be equipped with its own exclusive international standard shopping mall serving as a one stop shopping and entertainment hub and catering to all daily needs.
DHA City will also feature a complete range of culinary experiences from continental to local traditional delicacies the local and international restaurants operating within its vicinity.
Roads & Infrastructure
The wide, fully carpeted and smooth roads with beautiful greenbelts at DHA City will be a luxury in a city like Lahore, providing easy access all across and out of the city
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
State-of-the-art medical facilities include DHA Lahore’s own Hospital. Managed and run by highly qualified specialists and army doctors, the Hospital comprises international standard diagnosis and treatment facilities. These include latest testing laboratories and equipments, ultra-sound and scanning facilities, angioplasty and dialysis units, clean modern wards, labour rooms, and exclusive private rooms.
Environment & Horticulture
DHA City will feature free of cost Horticulture services, including:
  • Roadside plantation
  • Maintenance of trees including replacement of dead ones
  • Maintenance of parks
  • Maintenance of green belts, medians and roundabouts
  • Conversion of empty plots into green areas
In order to ensure pure clean drinking, the water will be pumped directly from an aquifer at 650 ft deep - safer than commercially bottled water - to ensure purity. Also, nonstop full water supply at all hours is ensured for the convenience of the residents.
Safety & Security
A socially responsible society, DHA City will take extensive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all its residents. The society plans a 24 hour surveillance patrol handled by a team of security personnel. In addition, DHA City Lahore also operates its own fire brigade and ambulance services.

Q1:   Can I apply after last date (July 07, 2010)?

Ans: Application received after last date will not be considered.

Balloting for Allotment

Q2:   When will ballot be held?

Ans: Balloting will be held in two steps as follows:

Computerized balloting for allotment will be held within three months from last submission date of application form i.e. 7th OCT 2010
Computerized balloting for plot location will be held separately in due course of time.

Q3:  How will applicant be informed if he is successful in ballot?

Ans Confirmation letters will be sent after balloting at address given in Application Form.

Q4:   What if I apply for confirmed allotment with 30% down payment and I am not among the first 5000 applicants?

Ans: If your Application is not in the first 5000 then :
         Your application will become part of balloting
         If you are unsuccessful in ballot your amount excluding processing fee will be refunded within one 
         month from ballot.
         If you are successful in ballot then surplus amount will be refunded within one month of ballot.

Q5:   What if I am unsuccessful in balloting ?

Ans:  Amount deposited by the applicant excluding processing fee will be refunded 100% within three 
          months of balloting.

Q6:    Can I get the plot on my own choice?

Ans:  It is not possible because location will be as per computerized balloting.

Q7:    What if I want two adjacent plots?

Ans:  It is not possible because location will be selected through computerized balloting.

Development Charges and Possession

Q8:   When would development charges be payable?

Ans: It will be communicated in due course of time. Development charges would be as per prevailing

Q9:   When I will get the possession of plot?

Ans: possession will be handed over after completion of development works as per standard practice
           of DHA.


DHA-EME Sector
Situated 4 Km from Tokhar Niaz Beg on Multan Road along the Lahore Branch Distributory Canal (LDBC), has been developed on about 5875 kanals of land having 3507 plots of different sizes. The site is well integrated with the greater Lahore master-plan and is only 1.5 kms away from the take-off point of Lahore by-pass, which connects Multan Road to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-II). The main entrance is from Multan and Canal roads running along the western side of the site.

Payment Schedule

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