29 Dec 2017

Questions to ask before renting your next home

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rental-homeWe must have heard before that buying a home is the most crucial decision of one’s life but let me tell you that finding a rental is not a smaller task either. Finding the right rental home is a big decision as it affects your life and lifestyle. It affects everything such as Read more

19 Dec 2017

What is a Luxury Home and What Makes it Luxury?

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What is a Luxury Home and What Makes it LuxuryWhenever you read a property listing and come across the word “luxury” home for sale, you must have thought, “This is something extraordinary”. But what exactly makes it luxury? Is it just the price, location, or magical combination of expensive things? Remember, Read more

15 Dec 2017

Pakistan Realty Sector to get Benefit from Foreign Investment

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Save first, then buyPakistan real estate sector has been facing slump for almost a year due to a number of reasons such as new taxes levied on the sector by the government, political turmoil ensued after the dismissal of ruling prime minister, sit-ins in the federal capital and devaluation of rupee against the dollar. Read more

13 Dec 2017

What to Consider while Investing in a Rental Property?

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for-rentI strongly believe that buying a rental property (other than the home, you are living in) is one of the best financial moves that one can ever make. It is possible to make money in real estate but there is more to it than just purchasing the first decent home available in the market. Read more

08 Dec 2017

Factors that Make a Society Safe & Secure for Investment

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real-estate-investmentDespite being one of the most dependable and rewarding investment vehicles, Pakistan real estate sector seems to be ignored by the governments for decades. After coming into power, every government made tall claims about reviving the sector, improving the laws Read more

11 Oct 2017

What to Consider While Renting an Office Space?

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Office-spaceRenting an office space for your business can be an exciting point in your life. But choosing just any space would be a mistake. You need to make sure that what you choose is important to your business, can support your team and can help you grow and thrive. Read more

05 Oct 2017

Sustainable Construction Trends for a Better Tomorrow

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Sustainiable-ConstructionIt is widely accepted fact that the construction sector is a major contributor to the climate change, as it is responsible for almost half of the global greenhouse gases and consumes around 40 percent of the materials entering the global economy. As worldwide population grows, Read more

29 Sep 2017

Decor Tips to Turn a Small Space into a Bigger Home

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decor-tipsWhen you are living in a small home, you get to know the importance of every single inch. But just because your home is small, it does not mean your furniture and decor should also be minimal. Most of the people in small spaces get lots of minimal things without knowing the importance of bigger pieces for their homes. Read more

22 Sep 2017

Best Real Estate Investment Options in Islamabad

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IslamabadIslamabad, one of the most beautiful cities not just in Pakistan but across the world, always attracts people who want an abode in a serene surrounding. It is federal capital of Pakistan and like every other capitals, Islamabad boasts an exclusive yet luxurious lifestyle for aristocrats Read more

21 Sep 2017

Real Estate Investment Guide for Overseas Pakistanis

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Counting payments for homeInvestment in Pakistan real estate sector is always considered a striking investment opportunity due to its upward trend and attractive returns, for both local and overseas investors. Prices and returns are increasing along with investors’ interest in Pakistan real estate sector. Read more